The Five Percentages of Excellence


We all live by a set of principles that are often guided by simple systems or rules. 

These rules act as a road map on how you make decisions and behave on a daily basis. 

Over time, this type of structured thinking will act as a default system to help you perform at an optimal level and design the life you desire.

The Five Percentages of Excellence:

It is easy to think in terms of percentages since they are easy to understand. 

They act as a quick mental cue or a formula for success for you to fall back on. 

Here are some easy high-level philosophies that have produced success throughout history in multiple pockets of life such as:

To add more layers, I put some real-life scenarios to dig deeper into how to leverage these rules in your life. 

So, what are the key principles that a Rare breed lives by?

Percentage Rule #1 (Rule of Essentialism)

80/20 percent rule aka The Pareto Principle 

What is the Pareto Principle? 

The Pareto rule states that 80% percent of your results come from 20% of the causes. It largely applied to business and sales. (EX: 20% of your customers generate 80% of your yearly profit.)

Leading you to question, why am I wasting so much of my time, energy, and attention to things that do not bring me results?

This rule is built around the concept of essentialism. Find the vital practices that truly produce your desired outcomes. 

Once you find these cardinal virtues, principles, habits, etc, you can start building your strategy around these essentials to design the life you want.

Here are some obvious questions for you to ask yourself concerning the 80/20 rule? 

Relationships - What 20% of people in your life breed 80% of your joy?


Financial wealth and sales - What activities in your business and what customers generate the most revenue and the least amount of headache for your company?

Productivity - What daily habits put you in a position to be most productive at work?

Fitness – What are the key exercises that give you the physique that you want and help you physically perform at the highest level?

Caveat: This answer depends on a person’s goals, but it is all relative to the 80/20 rule. In the end, there are about 5-8 exercises that will produce the physique that you want to build. 

Fulfillment – What is the daily ritual or activity that helps you create a flow state?

Nutrition – What foods create your ideal physique and make you feel the opposite of anxious, lethargic, and unfocused? 

Percentage rule #2: The Rule of Action

The 70/30 rule: Creating over Consuming

This rule is practiced by many productivity gurus. 

It is the simple equation of spending 70% Creating/Doing vs. 30% Consuming/Learning. 

We spend so much time-consuming information, podcasts, books, seminars, but how often do we put that knowledge into motion. 

We need to focus on creating more than consuming. 

Keep in mind, the best way to learn is by doing. You learn by trial and error, and you eventually become a master while teaching. After all, you truly know something, if you can teach a particular skill to a ten-year-old regardless of its complexity. Reference the Feynman technique.

People build wisdom through experience.

I learned how to train through thousands of hours of trial and error. I may have experienced some minor injuries and setbacks, but I honed my knowledge and skill set in ways I could never get from simply reading a book, getting a couple of certifications, or any theoretical practice. 

I learned how to run a company through the bruising process. 

You can read all the entrepreneurship books under the sun, but nothing will teach about business more than bleeding cash from a lack of efficiency or having an employee walk out on you without notice.

You need to be put in situations where you have to adapt and overcome. And that process will never stop. 

So, whenever you start something new, take a new course, read a new book, always ask yourself if you are truly applying the 70/30 rule. 

The last thing you want to happen is to possess an immense amount of wisdom and do nothing with it. 

It is the selfish act of possessing all the talent in the world and not sharing it with the world. 

There is nothing more pathetic and shameful than wasted talent and potential. 

 Remember, be a...

Like Teddy Roosevelt said, “Get in the arena.”

Percentage rule #3: 40% The Rule of Grit

The 40% rule: Building mental toughness and breaking barriers. Surprise yourself.

This is easily one of my favorite mental cues made famous by the navy seal and all-around badass David Goggins. The man calls himself the hardest man on the planet and if you read his book, “Can’t hurt me”, you would find that self-proclamation almost impossible to dispute. The man is a savage. 

The 40% rule is all about mental toughness, controlling your mind, and breaking your mental and physical barriers. 

David Goggins believes that most people throw in the towel when they actually still have 40% left in the tank. 

Our brain is designed to protect us, so naturally the second you feel a little ounce of suffering, your first reaction is to fold and cash in your chips. 

Bottom line, your brain is playing games with you, and you need to take control. Your mind is the most powerful weapon you have, but few people know how to wield that sword or reload the cannon.

When you are feeling the urge to give in to mediocrity, recognize that you still have more to give, at least 40% according to the hardest man alive. There is still another gear you have yet to activate.

Master the process of digging deep, flipping the switch, and finding that second wind.

That extra 40% will get your farther in life than you can ever imagine.

Grit is arguably the most important skill you can ever attain. 

The 40% rule is what separates, amateurs from professionals. It distances the contenders from the champions.

Use this mental cue to widen the gap between who you used to be, who you are now, and who you want to become. 

Percentage rule #4 The Rule of personal growth

The 10% rule: Invest at least 10% of your week into yourself

Specifically, into the disciplines of:

There are 168 hours per week which means 16 hours of your week should be dedicated to improving yourself. I have referred to this philosophy throughout the course for good reason, but it is worth mentioning again. 

Afterall, the 10% rule is a quick mental cue that reminds you of how much actual work you are putting into building yourself. 

Here is a simple breakdown of how you can spend your 16 hours of personal investment.

Remember, the key is to create a bulletproof system on how to maximize each discipline. 

My point is you need to have a deep understanding of how to actually train, learn, strategize, and reflect.

Many people train mindlessly and remain overweight and weak.

Many people may meditate, but still suffer from anxiety and lack mental clarity.

This defeats the purpose of the 10% rule.

Do everything with intention, precision, and purpose. Master your system for each discipline. 

Percentage rule #5 The Rule of strategic attack

The 50/30/20 Rule: Create a simple and strategic attack in multiple dimensions of life.

Again, this is just a simple framework to follow. I am not a financial guru, nor do I claim to be.

Do not take this rule as gospel, but if it adds some value, try it out.

In the end, it all comes down to applying self-discipline in every pocket of life. And in most cases, people struggle with their spending and eating habits. Above all, they fail to realize that small losses often lead to poor confidence from being overweight and high stress from living paycheck to paycheck. Ultimately, these minor decisions unknowingly make you more vulnerable and defenseless to life’s unexpected blows. 

The 50/30/20 rule is dependent on the goals you are trying to achieve. Every scenario is different. 

You might be focused on your future, so you invest more into your stocks that compound over time and less into the guilt-free segment.

You might be saving to launch your new start-up and leave your 9 to 5, so your priorities for cash are much different. 

Whatever the case may be, I highly encourage you to not live beyond your means. 

Trying to live off 50% of monthly income is an excellent rule to live by. 

Here are easy and obvious ways to use this formula:

And I will say this one more time, every approach will change based on a person’s goals. Especially, if they are training for sports or a specific competition. I just used this as a simple framework on how you can look at your training.

Wrap up:

Use these percentage rules as you please and find your own secret sauce. Play with these percentages according to your life’s goals.

Find a method to your madness that breeds the type of fulfillment, productivity, creativity, physique, and wealth that you deserve. 

Just make sure each rule directly aligns with what you want to achieve in life. 

Remember, the trinity essentialism, alignment, and execution.