6-week program outline

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Welcome to rare breed academy

Trent Shelton and John Pruna’s proven 6-week program is designed to elevate your life, supercharge your wellbeing, and transform your body.
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Changing your mind has the power to transform you. As a member of the Rare Breed Academy, you’ll get:

Weekly mindset lessons to enhance mental toughness, focus, and self-discipline

Goals to set for yourself for each week

Transformation strategies for your life

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Momentum requires movement. Our body transformation program provides:

Variety of fitness themes to help you master fundamental movement patterns

Video demonstrations to ensure the correct form and movements for maximum effectiveness

Movements that also benefit your mental grit and spiritual resolve

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Despite your circumstances and how you feel now, know you are a special and unique soul with a purpose. Over the course of the program, we’ll share:

Exclusive weekly lessons with Trent and John

Tools to help with anxiety, procrastintion, and other self-limiting behaviors

Change starts with you

Grow alongside people who understand you, support your goals, and — most importantly — are also putting in the work.
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Town halls

Weekly live online town halls with Trent and John to discuss the program, answer questions, and plan for each new week



Daily motivational messages from Trent himself to maximize your results. *Requires you to join the Rare Breed text group



Access to a members-only Facebook group to connect with fellow Rare Breeds



Daily check-in to help you understand your key motivations, triggers, and successes as you progress through the program



Spotify playlists of Trent and John’s favorite beats to energize your mind, body, and soul



Performance Tracker Templates to help monitor your goals, performance, and improvements

With you every step of the way

John PrunaJohnPruna

Mindset and Fitness coach. Trent’s mindset coach and personal trainer.

“We’ve carefully developed this program to give you the mindset, habits, and rituals to help you become the best version of yourself.”

Meet John

Trent SheltonTrentshelton

Former nfl player. Motivational speaker. Life coach.

“I have been through this program myself and can vouch for the huge positive impact it has had on my life!”

Meet Trent


See what Rare Breeds are saying about our program.

Stephanie Taylor

“RBA was a game changer for me. So many of us let fear paralyze our lives. I struggled with fear for years. But the weekly mindset exercises helped me attack my fears head-on. That alone helped change the trajectory of my career and my relationships.”


Eugene Allen

“RBA is helping me slay a demon that so many people face in this world: food. My cravings and poor habits have resulted in me losing 50 pounds but gaining it back three different times. I couldn’t keep doing this to myself. The RBA workouts were challenging and took my fitness to another level. I lost 15 pounds in a month and built a ton of momentum from the check-ins and weekly town halls.”


Emil Tempongko

“RBA was the first training program ever where I felt fully supported. I never felt like I was on an island by myself. The weekly town halls, the daily text messages, the meditations and workouts and the mindset lessons put me in a position to succeed each week.”


Blain Moore

RBA has taught me so much. The P5 goal setting exercise gave me the focus and commitment I needed to take my career to the next level. I’m about to launch my new company and the tools from RBA helped give me the self-discipline to get there.


Heather Mann

As a teacher, I need to be a leader for my students at all times. RBA helped me tap into that side of myself on a deeper level through the mindset and soul content. I feel more connected at home and at work which made me a better teacher and overall leader to my family.