Creating Your Mental Movie


“You must see the victory before you enter battle.”

Part of becoming a “Rare Breed” is mastering the mind, which usually involves the practice of mental rehearsal. 

A strong mind and a strong body go hand in hand. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to develop the skill of visualization, concentration, and clarity. 

The goal of this exercise is to find your optimal mental state through deliberate breathing and visualization.

You will mentally prepare yourself for victory by taking yourself through your own movie. It will be a powerful scene of agony and triumph. 

I am a big believer in meditation. Meditation has many forms, but ultimately every style of meditation is focused on finding the perfect combination of clarity and calmness.

It is about discovering the ideal state of serenity and strength by controlling your breathing and enhancing your mental discipline. 

For some people sitting alone with their thoughts is extremely difficult. 

As Blain Pascal says, “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit in a room alone. 

With that in mind, I encourage you to start with this 2-3-minute mental exercise.

Your mental movie will get more vivid as you master the art of visualization. 

Some notable athletes and celebrities who practice visualization are:

These elite performers each had their own way of seizing the moment in their minds before manifesting their destiny.

For now, keep your method simple, as you define the scene, the characters, and the story to be told. 

Keep in mind there are two ways you can do this visualization exercise:”

  1. First person (Looking at the world through your own eyes. Think Call of Duty first person shooter)
    1. For athletes, this technique has shown positive effects when attempting to acquire skills that rely on perception and anticipation. 
      1. Ex: A fighter anticipating to slip and counter a punch. 
      2. Ex: A speaker anticipating the reaction of the crowd.
  2. Third person (Looking at the world from outside in. Imagine watching a movie and sitting in the audience, watching yourself)
    1. This style of visualization has shown positive effects on enhancing performance that are dependent on form and technique.
      1. Ex: Shooting a free throw. 

Both styles of visualization/imagery have shown to be effective. You will likely switch from one mode to the other.

Just keep in mind, internal imagery is the closest simulation to the actual event. 

Create your mental movie

Design your 3-minute Movie. 

Step 1: 3 Centered breaths with your eyes closed: 15 second breaths

Step 2: State the character or scene

On the fourth breath, state your identity or your action out loud.

Bonus tip: Give your action scene a deadline. I prefer to make my scene timed so I can be more focused as I paint the picture in my mind. 

Write out your identity or action scene in your journal or a piece of paper.

Step 3: Become a method actor: See that person in your mind and feel it.

Many experienced meditators express that you cannot simply say the mantra, you must feel it. During this part of the visualization, see the person you want to become and relish how it feels to be that person or experience that moment. 

Write out how you will feel as you create this scene in your mind. Use your journal or a piece of paper.

Step 4: The Pit: Sacrifice, suffering and distraction

Create a pit and anticipate the feeling of sacrifice and suffering

This is a different philosophy from other coaches. I emphasize embracing the darkness of your thoughts and transforming that pain into something powerful. 

Nothing that is worth it will come easy. You need to see and feel the pain you will endure during your movie. A great story has moments of agony and deep suffering. Take yourself to that place and imagine how you will respond to that adversity. This will improve your emotional and mental resilience. 

Create the pit of sacrifice, suffering and distraction. What can you anticipate during this journey? Note it in your journal or on a piece of paper.

Step 5: The Comeback: Resiliency Scene

Rise from the pit by drawing from the intrinsic factors. This is your “WHY”, this is your Identity. 

Live your moment of victory and triumph in vivid detail. Play out how you will overcome your fears. You can visualize several scenarios in your mind. This scene will help you find your optimal mental state. 

Write out your moment in vivid detail in your journal or on a piece of paper. 

Step 6: Repeating the Claim

State your identity or action one more time. 

Remind yourself one more time of who you ARE and What you will achieve. Maintain your breathing and find your ideal arousal state. 

Step 7: Finish with one more centered breath and open your eyes. 

Keep in mind, this is a short 3-minute visualization. Your mental movie should consist of flashes of highlight reels of the moments you want to experience. This way you can quickly get to an optimal mental state and be ready to perform at any given moment. 

As you get more comfortable with deliberate breathing and visualization, work your way up from 3 minutes to 10 minutes.