What is Rare Breed Academy?

“If you want a better world, create a better you.”
Trent & John

Rare Breed Academy was designed to help improve mental, physical, and spiritual wellness in just six weeks. In that time you will find motivation, join a community, and leave with the tools to change your perspective.


Research & Redefine

You’ll learn how to self-audit and reframe your beliefs.


Act & Apply

You’ll learn to unlock the power of emotional and mental self-discipline.


Review & Recalibrate

You’ll find freedom in self-reliance and self-realization.


Execute & Evolve

You’ll learn self-mastery and enhance your self-confidence.

Meet your mentors

John PrunaJohnPruna

Mindset and Fitness coach. Trent’s mindset coach and personal trainer.

John Pruna is co-founder of Rare Breed Academy and a strategic partner for Rehab time. His kinship with Trent started years ago as his personal trainer and mindset coach. As their friendship evolved, they noticed how their coaching styles, skillset, and passion to help others complimented each other.

John and Trent both knew that it was only a matter of time before they collaborated. The desire to share their knowledge and passion as a means to inspire change was undeniable. After many in-depth discussions, the Rare Breed Academy was born.

Prior to the launch of RBA, John had a long and decorated tenure in healthcare and fitness for well over a decade. During this time he earned multiple certifications in areas relating to mindset, fitness, habits, and leadership. As an experienced personal trainer, his global approach to wellness helped him create his signature style of holistic performance training solely focused on mastering the trinity of optimal health: mind, body, and soul.

This insatiable hunger compelled John to open a multidisciplinary wellness center that provided weight loss programs, chiropractic services, functional medicine, performance training, and advanced treatments for muscle recovery. His programs are always centered in performance psychology, improving habits, self-transformation, and general personal development — ultimately producing a training style engineered to produce optimal performance both mentally and physically.

Over the course of his career, John has had the privilege to work with people of all fitness levels. He has successfully helped those suffering from diabetes, obesity, and chronic pain — as well as pro athletes, fighters, and other fitness enthusiasts.

His motivational techniques and signature training style have helped numerous people transform their physique. But more importantly, he has inspired them to change their mentality, challenge their limits, and break personal barriers. John is well known for his signature mantra, “I train you from the neck up, not just the neck down.” Anyone can give you a fitness regimen or meal plan to look better. But only a handful of coaches can give you the mindset, habits, and rituals to be better.

In the end, your habits and system of excellence will determine whether your life controls you or you control your life. It is performance psychology and performance training at its finest.

Trent SheltonTrentShelton

Former nfl player. Motivational speaker. Life coach.

“It all starts with you”, “Never settle.” and “Don’t Die with your Dreams.” These are just a couple of Trent’s signature mantras that have helped inspire a generation.

Considered as one of the most groundbreaking motivational speakers of his era, Trent has touched millions with his words on self-worth, self-love, and recognizing your greatness.

As an undrafted free agent in 2007, Trent played for Indianapolis Colts, Seattle Seahawks, and Washington Redskins. But nagging injuries and the up and downs of the NFL led Trent to another path on his journey.

After his short stint in the NFL, Trent had the opportunity to speak at a church event back home in 2011, and his world changed forever. After a sensational performance, it was undeniable to the audience and Trent that he found his purpose through inspiring others to live better lives.

He started creating YouTube videos with his words of wisdom and courage, pushing others to find their inner strength. He would end each video with the phrase, “It’s Rehab Time” a statement that embodied his comeback from personal struggle and loss. “Rehab Time is about rehabbing your life. It’s about becoming the person you are capable of being. The person you were destined to become.”

The videos went viral and before he knew it, Trent was speaking across the globe and packing arenas from New York to London, Fiji and Sweden. His brand Rehab time exploded on the scene of personal development, creating a legion of “Rehabbers” all over the world.

Trent credits his success and motivation to two pivotal moments in his life. The birth of his son Tristen and the tragic suicide of his best friend. “I was at a crossroads of my life, and I had to make a decision on who I wanted to become. The beauty and tragedy of those two moments ignited a fire in me that changed my life forever. It fueled me to be a better man in every sense of the word. I wanted to be a better father for my son and I wanted to honor the soul of my best friend.

Trent is continuing his mission to be a beacon of light for a generation, by introducing Rare Breed Academy. He wants all of us to recognize that we are all “Rare Breeds.” and it’s our responsibility to make the world respect our greatness.