3 Phrases Mentally Tough People Never Say


1. What will they say and think about me?

This might be the phrase that kills the most dreams. This is the embodiment of when Henry David Thoreau said that most men live in quiet desperation. 

It’s sad that most of us value other people’s opinions more than our own. By doing this, you allow your potential to be held captive while giving the key to that cage to the general public.

This is a quote you should consider as you reflect on your current state of life.

In your 20’s you care about what everyone thinks. 

In your 30’s you care about what your immediate circle thinks.

In your 40’s you stop caring about what anyone thinks.

And in your 50’s you realize that no one was thinking of you at all. 

I am humble enough to realize that I spent a large part of life around this timeline. Thankfully, I was able to get ahead of this cycle in my 30’s, but that is not to say that I don’t need this constant reminder. 

True greatness stems from being unafraid of being original in a world full of copies. 

Stop making choices based on what others might say and think about you. Embrace every unique ability and strength you bring to the table. It’s the only way to live your life. 

2. This is just who I am.

Most of us are familiar with the difference between having a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. Saying “This is just who I am” is the embodiment of having a fixed mindset. It is a self-limiting belief that can strangle our unique potential and rob us of the life we deserve. 

Have you ever said:

I am not a morning person.

I am not an athlete.

I am not a numbers person. 

I am not a creative person. 

The list is endless, but the phrase “This is just who I am” eliminates your ability to grow and reinvent yourself. 

If you see people who are massively successful, they never put themselves in a box. They have the uncanny ability to learn, adapt, and transform themselves into anything they desire. You must embrace this type of mentality in order to maximize your potential. Once you start to tell yourself that “this is just who I am”, you psychologically rule out who you can become. This line of thinking is a formula for self-sabotage. Be mindful of that phrase as it starts to pollute your mind. 

3. I will start when I am ready. 

You will never be prequalified for success. You qualify yourself by taking action, doing the work,  and in time success will find you. 

We are all familiar with the mantra “Ready. Aim. Fire.” But the truth is, that phrase is completely backward. You need to “Fire first. Retarget your aim. And then you will become ready.” 

You can not wait until you feel perfectly ready to launch your new business, build your ideal physique, or embark on any new adventure that can possibly lead to personal fulfillment. 

If you continue to sit on your palms and wait for the perfect storm, life will pass you by. 

This level of procrastination is just a well-disguised version of fear and ego. 

Remember that action kills anxiety, faith kills fear, and discipline kills doubt. As you take these action steps you will start to learn how to outwork the doubt. Outwork the fear and outwork the noise. Keep that formula tattooed in your mind and success will soon follow.