Rare Breed Academy is a holistic performance program focused on enhancing your fitness, mindset, and daily rituals. When you join our community, you will:

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Unlock your

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Break free
from fear

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Build resilience and
conquer adversity

How is rare breed different?

Any coach can give you a program to set you up for the next six weeks — but great coaches give you the mindset, habits, and intangibles to set you up for the rest of your life. The Rare Breed Academy is a program designed to do just that. Our mantra is not simply to train you, but to transform you.

Our coaching program combines the theoretical and practical strategies to:

Women working outNOURISH

Much more than a fitness program, we provide you with the tools to change poor thought patterns and behaviors that hold you back from the life you deserve.

Women working outTRANSFORM

Learn and practice the essentials of a quality training program that suits your needs and lifestyle to leave you feeling energized, focused, and motivated.


Learn how to regulate your emotions and feed your spirit by building confidence, changing habits, and reframing your limiting self-beliefs.

Rare Breed PartnersCONNECT

Speak directly to Trent and John. We’ll host live weekly town halls with our Rare Breed Members! Connect directly with your mentors and the community, ask questions, receive feedback, and be energized by the group.

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Meet your mentors

John PrunaJohn

Mindset and Fitness coach. Trent’s mindset coach and personal trainer.

John’s passion for health and fitness has led to a successful career spanning well over a decade. His signature style is complemented by his extensive experience in athletic performance, MMA/Boxing conditioning, mental training, and general wellness. His commitment to creating a culture of personal growth, self-discipline, and excellence can be seen and heard in all he does.

Meet John

Trent SheltonTrent

Former nfl player. Motivational speaker. Life coach.

While Trent’s career and love of sports has taught him the power of physical transformation, the death of his college roommate by suicide was a wake-up call that changed his life forever. He made a promise to live his life with purpose and now dedicates his time and resources to helping those struggling to improve their lives.

Meet Trent

See what Rare Breeds are saying about our program.


Stephanie Taylor

“RBA was a game changer for me. So many of us let fear paralyze our lives. I struggled with fear for years. But the weekly mindset exercises helped me attack my fears head-on. That alone helped change the trajectory of my career and my relationships.”


Eugene Allen

“RBA is helping me slay a demon that so many people face in this world: food. My cravings and poor habits have resulted in me losing 50 pounds but gaining it back three different times. I couldn’t keep doing this to myself. The RBA workouts were challenging and took my fitness to another level. I lost 15 pounds in a month and built a ton of momentum from the check-ins and weekly town halls.”


Emil Tempongko

“RBA was the first training program ever where I felt fully supported. I never felt like I was on an island by myself. The weekly town halls, the daily text messages, the meditations and workouts and the mindset lessons put me in a position to succeed each week.”


Blain Moore

“RBA has taught me so much. The P5 goal setting exercise gave me the focus and commitment I needed to take my career to the next level. I’m about to launch my new company and the tools from RBA helped give me the self-discipline to get there.”


Heather Mann

“As a teacher, I need to be a leader for my students at all times. RBA helped me tap into that side of myself on a deeper level through the mindset and soul content. I feel more connected at home and at work which made me a better teacher and overall leader to my family.”